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Families Again
Sunday, 17 January 2010
Ministry Focus - BCM International - Day of Prayer and Fasting
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Topic: BCM International


Many times folks ask how they can pray for us and our ministry. Sometimes it's not easy telling people the ins and outs of a ministry and how to exactly pray for things. I often have a hard time doing it.

I was thrilled when I got this recent email from the president of BCM International announcing the prayer requests for BCM's annual "Day of Prayer and Fasting". It made it very easy to write to you all and give you a list of things that you can pray for that has to do with our umbrella mission of BCM.

Some of these prayer requests involve things that would effect our ministry at Good News Mission. Others, although they may not have to do with our personal ministry, have to do with the ministry of other missionaries that are good friends and are near and dear to our hearts. We feel that all of BCM's ministries are important, however, so please, if you feel lead, join us on January 20th for a day of Fasting and Prayer.

Below, I have copied and pasted the letter that was sent. For some reason things don't always copy and paste well on my blog, but I think that you can easily read it. Thanks ahead of time for your prayers for our personal ministry and the ministry of BCM International.


Day of Prayer and Fasting

January 20, 2010


As we begin a new year it was determined that it would be good to start with a special day of prayer and fasting.


The thought is to allow all of us in the Global BCM Family to start 2010 with a renewed appreciation for God and His blessings and to bring our worship and thanksgiving to Him in a corporate manner.  For seventy-four years He has led this ministry.  He has provided the personnel and resources needed to touch hundreds of thousands, yea, perhaps millions of lives with the good news of Jesus Christ.  We come to celebrate His faithfulness and to offer our thanksgiving and praise.


On that day, we want to also invoke His continued blessing and ask Him to enable us, by His grace and power to continue to reach the nations of the world.  We recognize that we can do nothing in our own strength or initiative.


Prayer and the recognition of our dependence on God has been a part of BCM since its inception and it continues to this day.  That is why daily times of prayer are conducted here at our International Ministry Center coupled with a full morning of prayer on the third Wednesday of each month, spontaneous prayer requests and the weekly Prayer Link.   Our Asian Prayer Center in India hosts “prayer warriors” on a 24/7 basis.  BCM Tamil Nadu, India has a monthly day of prayer as do many other BCM global entities.  Prayer is part of who we are.


So, on January 20 we hope that you will set aside a significant portion of your day or evening to pray.  Get together with your co-workers and invite your friends and supporters to also join with you.  Let’s bombard the throne room of heaven with our praises and petitions.





1.      Pray for our global ministry – that we will be effective in making Christ known.   Colossians 4:2-6

2.      Ask the Lord to send us more missionaries.  Our greatest needs are in the USA, Canada, Europe, 

      Africa and Brazil Matthew 9:36-38

3.      Our International Board of Directors, President Marty Windle, Regional and Country Leaders

      need wisdom as they plan for the future development of our ministry.  They are asking the Lord to

      make His plan known.

4.   Pray that the Lord will meet the support need of all of our missionaries, associate missionaries and

      short-termers.  Many are experiencing some shortage due to the collapse of the global economy.

5.   Pray also that all of the “projects” will be funded.  Camp construction in West Ukraine, in Iquitos,

      Peru, and the purchase of a camp/conference center in the Republic of Ireland are just a few of

      our major projects.

6.   Give thanks for those who pray for us, support us and assist us as volunteers.

7.   Prayer for ministry

      -     Master Trainer Conference in The Netherlands – January 20-23  (at least 11 nations are


      -     Holy Land Tour – February 28 - March 11, 2010

      -     Camps and other evangelistic outreaches in the Southern Hemisphere

      -     Bible Clubs, school ministry – evangelistic and discipleship ministry

      -     Church planting efforts around the world

8.   Pray for your continent, country and area of ministry.


Let’s join our hearts together in worship and prayer expecting great things from God.


MartinWindleBEvansYours, for His glory,



Rev. Martin Windle                                                                             Rev. Bob Evans

President                                                                                             International Representative


Ephesians 3:20-21

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Posted by tink38570 at 11:35 PM CST
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