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Families Again
Friday, 30 December 2011
Another's New Year's goal – helping others.
Topic: Compassion International

My New Year's goals is to pray more for my children. I've been thinking a lot about specific things prayers that I want to pray for each one of my sons. Naturally, my wife and my biological children are the most important things in my life next to God and I'll be talking a lot about my family goals in future posts. I'm also developing prayer goals for my Compassion International  kids as well, which brings me to my topic for tonight - Missions In Action. Quite a few weeks ago, I introduced you all to an online video series that is being produced by Missions In Action. Missions In Action is a fantastic organization whose desire is to "enable people to make a difference by taking action to help others around the world". Their goal is to post two or three short videos a week highlighting an organization that she can partner with to do just that "help others around the world". My goal was to post each one of their videos on my blog unfortunately, I am way behind. They are already on episode 13 and I've only posted two of them. So, today I went to post two more, both highlighting the work of Compassion International. If, after watching the videos, you would like to know more about Compassion International,  just click here or on any one of the highlighted links above. If you want to know more about Missions In Action, just click here.

Episode Three

Episode Four

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Posted by tink38570 at 10:44 PM CST
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Tuesday, 13 December 2011
Tomorrow is Catalog Day!
Topic: Compassion International


I remember how I excited I was to get the Sear's Wishbook Catalog when I was young. I would flip it over (the toys were always in the back you know) and I would pour over every page. Well, maybe not the Barbie and other doll pages - although it was interesting to see what new thing B - but I Barbie had going - but I digress. Anyway, I would pour over every page and even circle the things that I wanted. It was always an exciting time. It provided many a day of dreaming for a young boy like me. Of course, when I didn't get what I really, really wanted, I would sometimes be a little upset. I was terribly dissapointed - even as an adult - when they discontinued Wishbooks. It's an annual tradition that my boys are now missing.

Well, tomorrow is going to be another big catalog day. No, not the Wishbook, but another catalog. And this time it's not going to be innocently, but perhaps selfishly, looking for things for themselves. This time they are going to be looking for others. You see, the catalog that they are going to be pouring over is going to be the Compassion International gift catalog called "Gifts of Compassion". This is going to be our first year doing this and I'm hoping and praying that it becomes a tradition. Here's a short video that tells how "Gifts of Compassion" works.

This is going to be a real test of faith on my part. I'm actually going to let the boys choose which gifts to give. I'm planning on giving them $35 at the most to spend. I'm anxious to see what they do with the money! What combination will they come up with?

Mosquito Net - $10.00  +  Garden Seeds - $10.00  +  African Drought Survival Kit - $13.00  =  $33.00

Household Items Kit - $15.00  +  Building Materials - $20.00  =  $35.00

Soccer Ball - $13.00  +  Chicken - $16.00  +  Bible - $5.00  =  $34.00

The combinations are endless. There are more expensive things as well. Have a look by clicking here.

I want my kids to know that earth does not revolve around them. I want them to realize that there is extreme poverty all around the world.

Don't get me wrong. I believe in helping the poor and the needy around us as well. But, you have to remember, we are full time missionaries and direct a ministry to the low income folks in the town where we live. Our kids see the poor and the needy around us every day. This is a chance to give to others around the world that need help as well.

I want my kids to learn not to have a cow, but to give a goat - which, by the way, is only $45.00 through the "Gifts of Compassion" catalog.

So, this year, why not consider having your kids give a gift or two from "Gifts of Compassion". And, hey, if they really want to have a cow, they can give one of those, too. It's only $100. Just click here or on any one of the hi-lighted links above.

Thanks ahead of time and have a very Merry Christmas.

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Posted by tink38570 at 9:42 PM CST
Updated: Wednesday, 14 December 2011 11:53 PM CST
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Thursday, 8 December 2011
Missions in Action - Episode 2
Topic: Compassion International


A couple of weeks ago I blogged about the very first episode of Missions in Action. Missions in Action is a really neat organization that was started to help promote missions. They are partnering with different mission organizations to help get the word out about how everyday folks can have a big impact in the world of missions and just the whole world in general. Compassion International, a group that you all know that I love, is one of the mission organizations that they are working with. Episode one and two both talk about how sponsoring a Compassion International child can have a big impact not only on the child's life, but in the life of the child's family as well.

Do you have all of your Christmas shopping done yet this year? Why not give a gift that will not only bring joy to your family but also the life of another? Pray about sponsoring a child. Sponsoring Compassion International children has made a big impact in our lives. We sponsor six children - one financially and we are correspondence sponsors (we write letters to) five others. Each one of our children are special to us. They are members of our family. I pray that the letters that we write and the small sum of money that we send will be a blessing to these children. The amount of money that it cost to sponsor a child for one year is less than some parents spend on one child for Christmas. Please watch this video and prayerfully consider sponsoring a child. For more information just click here or on the links that will be provided after the video.

Compassion International - http://www.compassion.com

Missions in Action - http://www.missioninaction.tv

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Posted by tink38570 at 9:55 PM CST
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Monday, 28 November 2011
Mission in Action TV - Episode One - Hope and Survival in the Philippine floods
Topic: Compassion International

You all know how much I love Compassion International. A little over a week ago, as a member of Compassion Bloggers, I was invited to blog about a new partnership that Compassion International has with Mission in Action TV. Mission in Action TV is a brand new organization that is going around the world and reporting on the amazing things that God is doing through it's member organizations. Compassion International is one of those organizations.

I'm a little late in getting started - Mission in Action TV has already aired four episodes and I am just today posting the first one! In the weeks ahead I will try to post each as they come out, or, you can watch each episode on the Mission in Action TV website and read more about this organization and the mission organizations that it partners with. Just click here or on any of the hi-lighted links above. If you wish to know more about Compassion International click here.

Enjoy the video.

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Posted by tink38570 at 11:24 PM CST
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Wednesday, 9 November 2011
Come With Me to Ecuador
Mood:  not sure
Topic: Compassion International

Compassion Bloggers: Ecuador 2011

Can you believe that I have only been out of the US once. It was right out of high school. I had auditioned for a concert band called All Student Groups USA (now known as The Sound of America). We spent the month of July touring Europe playing concerts in nine different countries. It was an amazing adventure. One that I will never forget.

I say "can you believe", because I've always dreamed and talked about going overseas again. Sarah and I have often talked of going on a mission trip. Or perhaps visiting one of our Compassion children. We still feel that the Lord will use us overseas somehow, somewhere, someday. Until then, we will have to live vicariously through others. Others like the Compassion Blogger group that is traveling in Ecuador right now.

I've followed other Compassion Blogger trips before. I've even applied to go on them but have not yet been chosen for one. Twice a year I greedily read their stories. I check in several times a day to see if someone has posted something new. My heart breaks with theirs as I read about the children and the conditions that they live in. I cry when I read the stories of the ones who were rescued from poverty. I pray, asking for forgiveness for being selfish with what I have.

We, in the United States, live in such wealth. Even the poorest among us are often richer than a majority of folks around the world. I do believe that there are poor and hungry that live in our great country and I believe that God wants us to care for them. I also believe, though, that we waste enough money in the US to feed many more than we do. And I'm not just talking about our government, I'm talking about us! Do we really need one more t-shirt in our drawer, when there are those that don't even have one t-shirt to wear? Do we really need our weekly (or daily) latte, when the price of one Starbucks drink could feed a Compassion child for a week?

I know that there are some skeptics out there. Some who just don't understand. I was one of them until I began following these Compassion Blogger trips. Traveling along with them and experiencing what they are experiencing has made me realize how blessed I am. It's made the hand that grips my wallet loosen its grip just a little. It's broken my heart for the things that break God's heart.

Another trip is going on as we speak. Travel with me to understand our world a little more. Come with me as we experience the hearts of others being broken. Journey with me as we learn what living for Christ is really all about. Just click on the above button to see and be blessed.

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Posted by tink38570 at 4:24 PM CST
Updated: Wednesday, 9 November 2011 4:59 PM CST
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