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Families Again
Thursday, 17 December 2009
The Prize Person has Posted the Prize Package
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: General

Say that five times real fast!

Anyway, I got a really neat email the other day from Heather, a member of the team that hosts the Homeschool Blog Awards. She was in charge of divvying up the awards that weren't specified. You see, some of the award donations were specified to go to a certain category winner but others weren't. Those that weren't were divided evenly between all of the winners. Here is part of her email that explained her creative method of choosing who won what:

Attached is a Graphic that my children and I made when we did the stuffed animal drawing for the Homeschool Blog Awards. Each blogger was assigned an animal to represent them and we wrote out the prizes on slips of paper and drew for the animals. The kids enjoyed taking photos of the animals and watching mom create graphics. We would love it if you would use the graphic in your post when you get your prizes or just telling about what you won. It would make my kids feel special. :)
I wrote back and told Heather that I would be more than happy to post the graphic, so here it is:

A note to Heather's kids: 

Thanks for helping out and allowing your mom to use your animals for the drawing. I thought that Mr. Tiger was perfect for my Families Again blog. My kids thought it was kind of neat too!

Thanks Again,

From the Whole Tinkel Family.

PS. It's ok to laugh, we are used to people thinking our last name is funny Laughing!

And now to announce the prizes. At the time of this post, for some reason the Home School Blog Award website was having some difficulty. I wasn't able to access it to get links to all of these great companies. As soon as I'm able, I will post the links so that you can visit their sites. Here they are:

Artistic Photo Canvas
Safekids Software
Red River Paper Sample Box
20$ in MindBites Lessons
Heart of the Matter Online Homeschool Conference Tickets for 2010
The Old Schoolhouse - 1 Year Magazine Subscription
Here is some of the information that I know about the companies. Artistic Photo Canvas is one of those great companies that take a photograph, blow it up, and make it look like a painting on canvas. We are really looking forward to that one. Safekids is a company that produces software to keep kids safe on the internet - another one that we are thrilled with. Red River Paper produces good quality printing paper and stuff like that - always useful. I am really looking forward to the kinds of courses that we can get with MindBites Lessons. The Heart of the Matter Homeschool Conference was something I eyed last year but wasn't able to do. AND, although I do reviews for the TOS (The Old Schoolhouse) Homeschool Crew, I have never subscribed to their magazine. To be quite truthful, I didn't know much about it until I was selected for the Crew. I am really pleased to be getting it as well. 
Really, I am thrilled with all of the prizes and wanted to thank the companies once again for their prize donations. I also wanted to thank the HSBA people for sponsoring the awards, and I especially wanted to thank all of you for voting for me. Again, I will have the links for the companies up as soon as possible. Please visit them for me. Thanks.


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Posted by tink38570 at 11:51 PM CST
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