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Families Again
Sunday, 28 November 2010
What's On Your Reading List?
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Family

First let me tell you what the Tinkel family has been reading lately.

I just finished reading Glenn Beck's Common Sense, and Martin Luther by Basil Miller. Loved them both! I'm going to try to begin writing short reviews of the books that I read in order to keep me on my toes, so be looking for my reviews for these two great books in the coming days.

 What am I reading now? Well, I'm still reading 1776 by David McCullough but I've also added The FairTax Book by Neil Boortz and Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford. I began Of Plymouth Plantation some time ago, but put it aside for a while. I picked it back up again because of...you guessed it...Thanksgiving. It's kind of my secondary history book right now until I finish 1776, but since 1776 is going pretty quickly, hopefully I will complete it soon.

What's coming up for me? Well, I just ordered three books on Amazon, and found another at a used book store. I think you'll find at least one of the new books an interesting choice but you'll have to find out  next time what it is. I'm not revealing it yet.

John Allen absolutely flew through the fifth installment of The Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He liked it, but it's nothing compared to how he raved about The Bronze Bow by Elizabeth George Speare! That has become his new number one book. He is now recommending it to everyone. I couldn't believe how he took to it! He will definitely be writing a review on it and I will be putting on here soon. I'm so glad that he has a love for reading!

What is he reading now? Well, he put aside The Cat of Bubastes in order to read the two mentioned above. He loves "The Cat", and is enjoying it once again. He's also reading a Mary Pope Osborne book Ancient Greece and the Olympics for school. The next book that I am going to present to him is Banner in the Sky by James Ramsey Ullman. I think he'll like it. I'll let you know.


Joshua is actually reading ~ a little at a time, mind you, but he is reading ~ Benjamin Franklin - Inventor, Statesman, and Patriot by R. Conrad Stein. I was surprised when we first began to read it. It is a little more advanced than the books we usually read. He actually liked it and wanted to read more once we got started. I was really thrilled.

So, what are you all reading? Leave me a comment and let me know. If you are interested in any of the books that I just mentioned. I have created a couple of new widgets in my left hand column connecting to Amazon and Vision Forum. All of the books mentioned above are available from those two distributors. Enjoy and happy reading!

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Posted by tink38570 at 10:38 PM CST
Updated: Monday, 29 November 2010 12:00 AM CST
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