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Monday, 1 February 2010
Score High With MathScore
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Homeschool Product Review
As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew I have been given a free six month subscription to Mathscore in order to try with my children
and to review on my blog.
This year, as a member of the Homeschool Crew, I have received a plethora of math products to try out. Some have been complete curriculum, and some have been review items. As I was thinking through all of the review items this evening, I had in mind what I thought would be the boy's favorites. When I asked them this evening, however, I was quite surprised at their answers. Mathscore was among the leaders for both John Allen and Joshua!

Although the website says that MathScore could be used as a homeschool curriculum, we used it as a review tool and as a tool to supplement what we were studying using another curriculum. MathScore is very much like the timed tests that we all used to take in math class. After registration, the parent or student chooses a grade level and then chooses a topic under that grade level. Students that are not used to typing are encouraged to begin on the "Copy Cat" level where they can practice finding numbers quickly. They can then progress to whatever topic that they may need help on or whatever topic that they are studying at the time.

Mathscore is a very no-fluff no nonsense review game. First you choose a topic. Let me tell you, first, about the topics. Mathscore covers everything from simple addition on up to Algebraic problems. You can literally use Mathscore from the time a child starts school through high school. The following is a list of just the first 25 of a list of about 100 on MathScore's intro page. However, that is only a small fraction of all of the topics that are included.

Counting Squares
Fast Addition
Fast Subtraction
Mixed Addition and Subtraction
Basic Word Problems
Telling Time
Odd or Even
Number Comparison
Addition Grouping
Patterns: Shapes
Tally and Pictographs
Bar Graphs
Understanding Multiplication
Beginner Multiplication
Arithmetic Word Problems
Odd or Even Theory
Place Value to 1000
Order Numbers to 1000
Fraction Pictures
Fraction Simplification
Multiplication Facts Strategies
Fast Multiplication
Fast Division
Rounding Numbers
Long Subtraction

After you choose a topic, you can either click on "sample problems" to see ahead of time what you are expected to do or you can go right to the "worksheet". But, beware, if you choose worksheet, the time will begin right away. Generally you have a certain amount of time to complete a set of problems. The time depends on how many problems there are as well as the difficulty of the problems. The amount of problems also vary and can span from around 3 at a beginning level to 30 or more at a more advanced level.

The problems are presented one by one and to answer, all you have to do is type your response and press enter to go on to the next problem. A timer below the problems counts down and tells you how many seconds you have left to complete that worksheet. I thought that this would really effect Joshua because he gets very frustrated doing timed tests. It did at first, and then I found the handy dandy "padding" button where the parent can pad the time for a student and add extra seconds per problem for their student. I upped Joshua time to where he could feel success from the start and build his confidence. As you progress through a topic, the problems become more difficult and there are more of them to do in a required time period. If the child is still getting frustrated after adjusting the time, no problem. Just print out some of their fully customizable worksheets for your student to do untimed until he is ready for the timed online worksheets. 

The following is a sample of some of the simple algebraic problems that they may have to complete.

Complexity=5, Mode=1

1.   f + 3 = - 5
f =
 2.   c + 1 = 9
c =
3.   t + 1 = 3
t =
 4.   3t = 18
t =
5.   - 3 = q + 1
q =
 6.   3g = 3
g =

Complexity=7, Mode=2

1.   38 = 7q - 4
q =
 2.   6t + 6 = - 48
t =
3.   4w - 5 = - 41
w =
 4.   5w + 5 = - 30
w =
5.   7k + 4 = - 31
k =
 6.   3e - 6 = 0
e =


As a student moves through a topic, if he is having difficulty, the worksheets and problems will move up in small increments. If a student finds the problems easy, then the next worksheet may skip a few levels and advance the student further. Students also get points depending on what level they are on. As a child gets more points, he achieves different ranks - beginning with "Trainee" and ending with the very hard to achieve "Fleet Admiral". Let me warn you, though, that Fleet Admiral takes many years to achieve and by the time the student achieves it he can definitely work complex high school problems and, according to the MathScore website can pass any high school math achievement test. Here is what the website stated about the Fleet Admiral ranking ~ "Student is highly self-motivated and might be a genius." There are also 14 trophies that can be unlocked if you complete certain prerequisite topics.

As I said before, this is definitely a no-fluff curriculum. There are no graphics, no cutsie cartoons, just problems. For some reason, even without the glitz, my kids both loved it. Maybe it's the challenge of making a good score or moving up a rank. Perhaps it's the goal of unlocking a trophy. Whatever it is, I like it. They are learning math, and learning how to think quickly! What else can a parent ask for?

Having given all of these praises, however, let me give one slight warning. I feel that MathScore is an excellent tool for review or supplement, but not as a complete curriculum. Although the site says that MathScore can be used as a complete math curriculum, it only has what they call "Sample Problems",  They are just what they say, sample problems with not much, if any, explanation. I feel that another curriculum would need to be used to supplement MathScore.

After saying that, though, again I will say that as a supplemental tool, MathScore is fantastic and has a fantastic price. It offers a free 2 week trial to try it out. After that, it is $9.95 a month for the first child, $5.00 a month for the second child, then $3.95 for each child after that. Such a deal! You can even pay a certain amount ahead of time and they will just credit the amount of months you want to pay for. You pay for and get what you want. You can check out their website by clicking here or on any one of the hi-lighted links above. To find out what the rest of the TOS Homeschool Crew thinks about Mathscore, just click here. Happy homeschooling.

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Posted by tink38570 at 11:55 PM CST
Updated: Tuesday, 2 February 2010 12:14 AM CST
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Sunday, 31 January 2010
Man can do nothing on his own!
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: Ministry

I have often tried to forge ahead on my own when it comes to my Christian walk and ministry. Sometimes it works for a while, but soon enough, your ministry becomes dry and lacking. I blogged a few weeks ago about the old Larnelle Harris song "I Miss My Time With You". If I don't have my time with Jesus, things do not go right. Perhaps that is why is seems that things don't go right more often than they do Laughing. I have been taking the time these past few days to catch up on my reading and notes from the New Thru 30 challenge that I began toward the beginning of the month. I have been blogging about it on my blogspot blog. Please join hop on over their and read my notes and pray for my journey. Just click here to go to my New Thru 30 journal.

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Posted by tink38570 at 11:53 PM CST
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Saturday, 30 January 2010
Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow - And a great new website!
Mood:  chillin'
Topic: Family

We don't get this kind of snow here in Tennessee very often. I think that the 7 or 8 inches that we got is the most snow that our kids have ever seen at one time. We had a blast. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

A fellow TOS Crew Mate introduced me to this awesome website that makes really neat slide shows that you can put on your blog ~ Thanks Laura. I have no idea how the song got on there, but it really kind of fits. I like it. The website is www.slide.com.

BTW, my wife, Sarah, was obviously the one that made the comments on each picture. Just wanted to make sure that everyone figured that one out Laughing.


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Posted by tink38570 at 4:27 PM CST
Updated: Sunday, 7 February 2010 9:47 AM CST
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Another Way to Join the Families Again Facebook Page
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: General

Families Again

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Here's another way to become a fan of Families Again on facebook. Just press on the button above. Please tell others about it as well. If I can ever get my link problems taken care of, I'll post the above badge over to the left as well.

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Posted by tink38570 at 1:53 AM CST
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I've Just Created A Fan Page On Facebook!
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: General


I have been debating what to do since all of the changes have been made on Facebook. For some reason, my blog posts aren't always showing up when I write them. Someone recently suggested adding a Fan Page. Now, I'm not trying to get a big head or anything like that. I don't think I am anyone worthy of having "fans". However, I do know that a few of you do read my blog, and use the Facebook links to keep you updated as to when I post something new. My Fan Page should help to do that. All you have to do is become a member, and, I think, you will be notified of all of my posts since they will all go to the Fan Page. You can also just link to the Fan Page and check it daily to see when I have posted something new. I would love it if you would join, and, if you think that my blog is worthy, invite your friends to join as well. Just press on the Families Again badge above and it will take you to the page. Thanks!

Attention: Boy am I confused. I accidently created a Facebook Group  and a Facebook Page. It's the PAGE that I want you to join. If you already joined the group, that's ok, but please press on the picture above again. I've reprogrammed it to go to the right thing now. The new Families Again Facebook Page will have all of the posts for both of my blog conveniently on one page. It should make it easier for those of you who are on Facebook and like to check out  my blog periodically. Sorry for the confusion. Embarassed

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Posted by tink38570 at 12:48 AM CST
Updated: Saturday, 30 January 2010 1:44 AM CST
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