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Families Again
Thursday, 21 October 2010
I Promise My "Scary" Post will be Written Tonight!
Mood:  a-ok
Topic: General

I'm sorry! We are down to one computer right now until we can get one of the others fixed. Soooo...that is the reason why I haven't been posting every day. I am one that writes when I post. There are talented bloggers that can write three or four posts at one time and then schedule them to be posted on certain days. Not me! I'm not that talented. I write and post all on the same day. Therefore, when I can't get one of the computers (or should I say the ONLY computer) to write on, then...no post. But, I feel good tonight, and even if Sarah wants to get on (which she deserves to, she's been helping out some of our Mission folks who have been in the hospital or at emergency rooms all day - but that's another story), then I will wait until late tonight to write it. IT WILL BE WRITTEN!


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Posted by tink38570 at 7:38 PM CDT
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Tuesday, 19 October 2010
Be Afraid! Be Very Afraid!
Mood:  don't ask
Topic: General

 Of what? Well, not of me, that's for sure! But of the Halloween entry that I'm about to post tomorrow! Be very afraid!?!


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Posted by tink38570 at 11:33 PM CDT
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Monday, 18 October 2010
It's Time for the Homeschool Blog Awards Again!
Mood:  happy
Topic: General

Join Me at The Homeschool Post! 

I was totally thrilled last year when I won the Homeschool Blog Award in the Best Homeschool Dad Blog category. It was an honor that I will never forget. Well, they are now taking nominations for the 6th Annual Homeschool Blog Awards. This year there are 20 categories including the Best Homeschool Dad Blog. I would love it if you all would nominate me again. This is just the first step. Right now I just need a few people (I think five) to nominate this blog so that it will be put on the official ballot. Then, in November, the official votes will be cast. For right now, if you feel lead, I would appreciate all the nominations that I can get just to make sure I get on the ballot. If you will click on the button above, it will take you to the nomination page. I think that the Best Homeschool Dad Blog category is the second on the list. I know it is right at the top. If you could just enter the following information in I would really be thankful. I really appreciate all of you faithful readers.

God Bless,


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Posted by tink38570 at 12:01 AM CDT
Updated: Monday, 18 October 2010 11:39 PM CDT
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Sunday, 17 October 2010
Finally Our Internet is Working!
Mood:  cool
Topic: General

Yep. Our internet has been down for two days and I haven't been able to do hardly anything. It would allow me to check my email and that is about it. So, I've missed two days of blog posts, and it couldn't have happened at a worse time. So much has happened that I've wanted to blog about. It's been crazy! I'm bushed tonight, but be expecting some fun posts in the next few days.

Quick update on Mom. I was able to actually hold a conversation with her for more than a minute the other day. I was really thrilled. Then, a couple of days later, my sister called and said that Mom wasn't doing well again. She seems to be up and down. My sister said to not be surprised if Mom went home to be with the Lord any day, but, then again, don't be surprised if Mom lasted another 10 years or so. That is how unpredictable she is. We are still planning on going up to visit next month if finances allow. I'll keep you posted.

In the meantime, don't forget to tune in all this week for all of the exciting posts!

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Posted by tink38570 at 7:26 PM CDT
Updated: Sunday, 17 October 2010 7:27 PM CDT
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Thursday, 14 October 2010
A Really Big Announcement!
Mood:  happy
Topic: BCM International

BCM is Moving!

Posted on: 14 Sep 2010 at 11:29 am


I have some exciting news for you! Many of you have been praying for the sale of our current location since my March “From the President’s Desk” announcement that we were still trying to sell the property.

Our current location has been a great blessing to us over the past years, but for some time we have felt that it was important to relocate to something more appropriate to our ministry goals.

The current property is now under contract to be sold, with the final papers to be signed on November 12th, 2010. Praise the Lord for bringing us a buyer.

This also means that we will be moving the BCM IMC operations to a new location at 201 Granite Run Drive, Suite 260, Lancaster, PA. 17601. There is a picture of the location below:









We are leasing offices at this location, and will be moving during the month of October, 2010. For the present, we will keep our current mailing address, and eventually also have the new address, so don’t worry about mail and communications being interrupted. Our email address will also stay the same. Our phone numbers will eventually change, and when that happens we will keep you informed.

We are making this move using volunteer help and resources, so please pray with us that God would send us the volunteers and resources (vehicles for moving, some needed office furniture, etc). You are also certainly invited to come and help yourself!

Let’s celebrate this milestone event together!

Dr. Marty Windle
President, BCM International

This article was "borrowed" from BCM's webpage, but I have a feeling that they don't mind! For my new readers, BCM International is the mission organization that my wife and I are with.

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Posted by tink38570 at 11:23 PM CDT
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