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Families Again
Tuesday, 12 April 2011
Sadness, Sickness, and Selebration!
Mood:  hug me
Topic: Family

Yes, I know how to spell celebration. I just wanted my title to look good.


It truly has been a week of sadness, sickness and celebration though. It all began last Wednesday night. While out with some friends, Sarah got a call from another friend about a terrible accident that had happened in our small town. Five youths from the church that we used to attend were on there way to evening service when the drive lost control of his truck and crashed into a tree. In an instant five families were changed. Two families are with out their son and daughter tonight. One family has a daughter that will be hospitalized for some time and have a long road to recovery. Two other families have children to hug, but those children will have emotional scars for the rest of their lives. We knew four of the five teens. We are friends with their families. We hurt with them.

John Allen put it best the other night when he and I were talking about the accident. He told me he knew why God allowed the accident to happen. When I asked him why, he said so that more people would be saved through the testimonies of these young people. He said that if he ever had to die so that even one person would be saved it would be worth it. Sometimes I wonder if my kids are really "getting it". I thank the Lord that in this case John Allen did "get it".


Then, on Friday, I took Joshua and Jacob to therapy in Cookeville. Soon after Jacob went back his therapist came back out to the waiting room to tell me that he was sick in the restroom. Sure enough he was white as a ghost. He slept much of the day.

That night John Allen caught the bug and had to miss a big shooting match on Saturday. I was upset because he missed it. I was wondering if he was just nervous and that is why he was ill. Until the next day.

That's when Sarah got sick with the exact same symptoms. So, I had to swallow crow and apologize to John Allen for doubting him. Ah well, even fathers have to learn from their mistakes sometimes.


On a lighter note! We are blessed with two boys that are very good at shooting. Both are on a competitive BB gun team. Since John Allen is older, he is obviously the better shooter. He's expected to make the national team this year and perhaps win the state match.

Although, Joshua is probably a much better shooter than John Allen was at this age, he seems to get caught in the shadow of his older brother. Well, because John Allen was sick and couldn't compete, Joshua was out of the shadow and able to shine. And shine he did! Although he still doesn't have the score to qualify him for the shoot off (top eight overall), he was able to make the top five in the prone and sitting positions and...get this...he WON the GOLD MEDAL in the sitting position!

Really, he only had one really bad shot in the standing position and one bad shot in the kneeling position. Otherwise he could have been in the top five in each of them as well. It's the fifth component of the score that really drags him down...the dreaded test.

Each competitor has to take a test on the rules and other gun safety items. Sometimes the questions can get tricky. It might be a two part question with the first part true, but the second part false. In that case, the shooter should mark false on this fifty question true/false test. Joshua often doesn't listen to the complete question or gets mixed up and ends up marking the wrong answer. If we could get him to slow down and listen, I know he could score higher on the test. Well, in two weeks it's the state match. Prayerfully John Allen will be able to compete, and we can practice some test questions with Joshua. Who knows what might happen?

Pre State bb Match Slideshow: Bend’s trip to Bend of the River PSC,Tennessee (near Rickman), Tennessee, United States was created by TripAdvisor. See another Rickman slideshow. Create a free slideshow with music from your travel photos.

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Posted by tink38570 at 12:04 AM CDT
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Tuesday, 12 April 2011 - 12:54 AM CDT

Name: "PJ (Patti)"
Home Page: http://www.pjsprayerline.blogspot.com

Hey there Tim!  Congratulations to Joshua!  I'm sorry that your family has been sick.  I hate "bugs".  It's kind of like a very short rain, that just rains enough to mess up you car, then quits.  A bug usually lasts long enough to mess up your plans, then your ok.  At least that's what happens to me a lot.  I'm sorry that John Allen was sick and didn't get to compete.  I'm sure he wanted to make mom and dad proud. 

 I am so sorry about the 5 teens.  Was the driver texting or talking on the phone?  I like cell phones for emergencies, but I think they are an accident waiting to happen in the hands of drivers.  Every chance I get I try and talk to kids about NOT texting and driving or even talking on the phone.  I was talking and driving one time and ALMOST had a wreck, so I've never done it since.  I always pull over to the side of the road, or into a parking lot if I have to answer the phone, or I just let it ring and call them back when I get where I'm going.  I'm not a very coordinated person, so I can't concentrate on too things at once.  Please give my condolences to the families and  I will definitely be praying for all 5 families.  I won't know their names, but God does, so If I just say Tim Tinkels friends' children, God Will Know.  I will also place a prayer on my prayer line  with the same description, unless you want to e-mail me their specific names.

God Bless,


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