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Families Again
Saturday, 22 May 2010
Put a little Swag in your Bucks - with Swagbucks!
Mood:  lazy
Topic: General
Search & Win
If you are a friend of mine on Facebook or Twitter, you have probably seen me post something about winning "Swagbucks". I was introduced to Swagbucks a couple of weeks ago and I've been hooked every since. 
Swagbucks are points that you earn and then, when you have accumulated enough, you can "buy" different things with them. I'm saving up for amazon gift cards myself.
It's really easy to earn Swagbucks. The easiest way is to use their search engine to do your internet searches. You can either download their toolbar (which earns you more Swagbucks) or you can just go to their website to do the search. You don't get points every time, but many times you do. I've earned as many as 32 Swagbucks for just one search! I'm all the time doing a search and earning 12 or more. You can also earn Swagbucks by befriending them on Facebook or Twitter. Every once in a while (like just a few minutes ago) they will say something like "Enter this code in the Swagbuck code box by 9:30 pacific time and you will earn 7 Swagbucks." They also have Swag code hunts every once in a while, and they have a daily poll where you win points just for answering their questions of the day.
I have only been a member of Swagbucks for a couple of weeks now and I've already earned over 730 Swagbucks. A $5 Amazon gift card only costs 450 Swagbucks and I can buy two at a time, so I'm waiting until I've earned 900 bucks before I redeem them. I hopeing that I can purchase some neat things for my Compassion kids that won't cost me any money so won't dip into the Tinkel family budget.
There are all kinds of companies that deal with Swagbucks. You can get nearly anything with them - gift cards, toys, school supplies, electronics, books, magazines, posters...the list goes on and on. And, it's all free! Want to get in on the fun and help me out a little as well?  Just click on the banner at the top of the page or on any one of the hi-lighted links above. If you end up joining Swagbucks after clicking on one of the links on my page, I will earn a few extra Swagbucks as well. Then, you can tell your friends and you will earn bucks by telling them. Thanks ahead of time and have fun!

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Posted by tink38570 at 11:01 PM CDT
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