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Families Again
Thursday, 20 November 2008
Has It Been 11 Days Since My Last Post?
Topic: Favorite Links

I am so sorry! Not that a ton of people read my blog, mind you, but for the faithful few that do, I apologize for not posting something new lately. Things have been hectic of late. If you want to read some exciting things about what is going on here at Good News Mission, click on our Prayer Letter link to the left and read our latest. All of our prayer letters are written by Sarah, my wife, and I think she does a great job. If you aren't on our email list and would like to receive our Prayer Letters, leave us a comment with your email address, or contact us at tink38570@yahoo.com and we'll put you on the list.

Have you ever heard the expression "If it were a snake it would have bit you?" Well that expression would have fit me perfectly the other day. I receive a homeschool newsletter once a week and one of the contributors is Todd Wilson, a homeschool dad. I had read his contributions before but had not really paid any attention to anything else. Well, I was doing a search for Christian Thanksgiving stories, and what should turn up, but the Familyman Ministries site. Familyman Ministries is a great site primarily for Dads written by (you guessed it) Todd Wilson. There had been a link to his web site in the homeschool newsletter every week, but I had never clicked on it. DUH!

Anyway, Todd's site is great. He has a lot of suggestions on how Dads can spend valuable, Christian, time with their families. One of the things he does every year is have Family Advent Nights during the Christmas season. I liked the idea so much that the Tinkels are going to start the Family Advent Night tradition this year. And, this is all Dad's doing. I'm not enlisting Mom's help for anything. I'm doing all the planning myself. Todd's site lists everything that you need to do, and even sells advent craft kits to go along with it. The NOEL window hang shown above is one of the crafts. The kits aren't very expensive, but our meager budget isn't going to allow us to buy them this year. I have asked a crafty friend to help with that part of the planning. I wanted to let you all know about it in time for you to possibly start the tradition with your family as well. Write and let me know how it went, and I'll let you know how ours went in a future blog.


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Posted by tink38570 at 10:55 PM CST
Updated: Friday, 21 November 2008 11:41 AM CST
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